Interpump Group

Interpump Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of power take offs and one of the major manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, cylinders and other hydraulic components.

Power take offs are used to transmit power from the engine of an industrial vehicle to the other hydraulic components and are connected to the vehicle’s transmission box.

Other hydraulic components manufactured by companies of the Group (Hydraulic pumps, control units, valves, cylinders, tanks) help performing special functions, for example, lifting of dump bodies, operating on-board cranes and operating concrete mixers.

We are a world leader and acknowledged innovator in the production of hose and fittings for hydraulic systems.

We supply the most prestigious manufacturers in the world and our products are used in many sectors such as agriculture, marine, offshore, construction, lifting equipment, energy, military movement, cleaning, and rail.

The company has 10 production and commercial sites and 550 people. Of these, 10% are engineers and product specialists working in research and development.