Through investment from the Interpump Group into the hydraulics market, various manufacture and product brands were acquired, creating a single source offering to the market place for all of its fluid transfer needs.

Interpump Fluid Solutions was created to encompass all of these manufacturers into a one source provider of certified and compatible hydraulic hose, fittings, machines and accessories.

Manufactured in Europe and distributed through our network of branches in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom and the U.S.

Question – Are you I.M.M. Hydraulics?

Answer – All the companies in the group have rebranded as Interpump Fluid Solutions. I.M.M. Hydraulics now resides in Atessa, Italy, as one of our prestigious manufacturing locations.

Question – I have had a phone call from a sales advisor at Interpump Fluid Solutions. I normally hear from IMM?

Answer – Everyone in our group will say they are from Interpump Fluid Solutions. Everyone now offers ‘one source’ solutions of certified, compatible hydraulic hoses, fittings, machines and accessories.

Question – Are you Interpump Hydraulics?

Answer – Interpump Hydraulics is our dedicated components manufacturing area for our power take off’s, pumps, cylinders and other fluid power components. All available to you as part of the Interpump Fluid Solutions offering.

Question – I normally receive invoices from IMM Hydraulics. Will I now receive invoices from Interpump Fluid Solutions?

Answer – Yes, you will receive your invoices from Interpump Fluid Solutions. You may see our legal entiy listed, Interpump Hydraulics (UK) Ltd.